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Instrumentation and Control Engineering is a multidisciplinary course which has its imprints on all fields of measurement and control. As it branches with wide fields recruiters also have good interest and has wide research oppurtunities.

Multi disciplinary*

Synergistic combination of software & core engineering streams.


Measuring, Monitoring and Controlling of Future Industrial Scenarios.

Reputed Recruiters*

Widest Range of Career Options with private and public sector undertakings. (Placement Brochure)

Blooming Areas

Masters and Research Programme Oppurtunities worldwide.

Research & Development*

Lot of research and development activities are being executed in the field of instrumentation where the future relys on instrumentation


The department of ICE is undergoing consultancy works with the industries which are being tied up with it


ICEians both faculty and students have always thrived to be the best in all fields. They have won laurels and recognitions with their inter disciplinary knowledge and contributed every year in rising the bar.


Innovative ideas blooming out of young and energetic minds lead to copyrights and product developments.

About us

The Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering was started in the year 2010 with an intake of 60 students. Right from its start the department aims to impart excellent technical know how and high competency level to all the students. With an efficient team of faculty, the department educates and grooms engineers to meet the international standards of process industries. The Department graduates are Innovative, Effective Communicators, Good Team players with managerial skills, high ethical standards and strong sense of professionalism.


To become a world class school and centre for excellence in Instrumentation and control engineering for higher level learning, research and consultancy.


  • IMPART High quality education that comprehends student aspiration and potential.
  • CREATE passion for learning and foster innovation.
  • ENDORSE and nurture the talents towards serving the society.

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    Faculty Team


    Alumni From the Dept


    Research Publications

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    The Team

    Instrumentation and Control Engineering is equipped with eminent Faculties who serve as a Dhronacharya (Epic Character) for the Pandavas (Epic Character) of ICE and Ekalaiva's (Epic Character) of other disciplines.


    Professor & Head

    Area of Specialization : Power Systems, FACTS, Intelligent Controllers

  • Phone: +91 7402600170
  • Email:p.manju@skct.edu.in
  • Dr.M.Karthigai Pandian

    Associate Professor

    Area of Specialization : Nanotechnology, VLSI Device Modeling

  • Phone: +91 7402600...
  • Email:karthigaipandian.m@skct.edu.in
  • Ms.K.Shanthi

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Advanced Control Systems, PLC & DCS, Microprocessors

  • Phone: +91 7402600172
  • Email:k.shanthi@skct.edu.in

  • Mr.S.Dilip Kumar

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Biosensors, Instrumentation

  • Phone: +91 7402600176
  • Email:s.dilipkumar@skct.edu.in
  • Ms.M.Vidya

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Biomedical Instrumentation

  • Phone: +91 7402600173
  • Email:m.vidya@skct.edu.in
  • Ms.R.Swathi

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Discrete Control System, Embedded System

  • Phone: +91 7402600176
  • Email:r.swathi@skct.edu.in

  • Ms.S.Deebika

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Process Control, Robotics, Automation using PLC

  • Phone: +91 7402600345
  • Email:s.deebika@skct.edu.in
  • Ms.S.Jananisri

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Sensors & Transducers, Measurements & Instrumentation

  • Phone: +91 7402600346
  • Email:s.jananisri@skct.edu.in
  • Ms.M.Jayalaxmi

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Image Processing, Control Systems, Power Plant Instrumentation

  • Phone: +91 7402600178
  • Email:jayalaxmi.m@skct.edu.in

  • Mr.J.Dhanaselvam

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Nonlinear Control System, Electrical Drives, Intelligent Controllers

  • Phone: +91 7402600178
  • Email:dhanaselvam.j@skct.edu.in
  • Mr.Ajith.B.Singh

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Sensor Technology, Process Control & Automation, PLC, Adaptive Control & System Identification

  • Phone: +91 7402600284
  • Email:ajith.b.singh@skct.edu.in
  • Mr.K.Saravana Kumar

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Sensors & Transducers, Measurements & Instrumentation

  • Phone: +91 7402600...
  • Email:k.saravanakumar@skct.edu.in

  • Mr.T.Chinnadurai

    Assistant Professor

    Area of Specialization : Composite materials, Composite polymers,etc

  • Phone: +91 7402600...
  • Email:chinnadurai.t@skct.edu.in
  • Mr.Bala Saravanan

    Lab Assistant

    Area of Specialization : Power and Energy Systems, Sensors & Transducers

  • Phone: +91 9786445811
  • Email:bala22ct@gmail.com
  • Ms.Ashwini

    Lab Assistant

    Area of Specialization : Sensors & Transducers, Measurements & Instrumentation


    Happy Students


    No.of Recruiters




    Smart Support

    Life @ ICE

    Life at the department of ICE is always Educating, Entertaining, and Enthusiastic. Students not only learn here but also play different roles and teach good values to all others inside and outside the campus.

    Supplementary Process


    An Association of ICEians
    • An Association of ICEians towards "Control for Change". DENETIM brings together ICEians helping them develop their interpersonal skills. The association runs wide range of events for teachers and aspiring students to improve their technical and management skills.
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    Kindling Social Awareness
    • ICEians are also made socially responsible through our "Social Awareness Club - PRERANA". Our faculty and students involve in activities creating social and environmental awareness for public welfare. PRERANA in short is the best way to discover solutions and awareness for social and environmental issues.


    • The intellectual group of ICE is also exposed to programs to raise awareness and aspirations to some of the most competitive, trending and demanding subject areas in the field of instrumentation and control engineering. The department offers teachers, various oppurtunities to develop skills and knowledge that can both boost their professional development and benefit the student group.
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    ICEian Magazine
    • An exclusive yearly newsletter of ICE department providing details featuring the achievements and events carried out by the department during every academic year. Articles and write ups on recent developments also contributes a part of this newsletter.
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    ICE Laureates

    • Laurels brought home is always a thing to cherish. Our faculty and students have also proved their pool of talents at state & national level in various co-curricular & extra curricular events. At college level faculty & students are also awarded for their academic excellence & their contributions to the field of technical education.
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    Industry Connect


      • The department fosters pioneering collaboration with institutions nationwide. We work with industries & academic institutions to bring benefits of our expertise to industry & society.
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      Internships / In plant Trainings

      • Students at our department undergo summer internship / winter industrial training programmes, helping them bridge the gap between academics & industry. The training session enhances the student profile making them industry ready.
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      • Experts from premier academic institutions & industries along with our distinguished alumni comprise our Expert Advisory Board. The panel of experts helps the department in implementing best practices within & outside the curriculum to make an ICEian industry ready & globally competitive. The panel provides solutions to nurture talent & build a strategy for success.
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      Industrial Visit

      • Students along with faculty mentors are encouraged for regular visit to industries related to their subject of study. These visits expose them to the practical industrial scenario & helps in bridging the gap between curricular & industrial aspects.

      La galerie...

      • La vie à ICE est facinating. Venez nous allons les voir ....(Life at ICE is facinating. Come let's see them....)
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      Core Amenities - Learn with Practice

      Students learn in class and execute their knowloedge in laboratories. Learning with practice will kindle the young brains to innovate new things. Theory with practice results in revolutions.

      Transducer & Measurements Lab

      The core objective of this lab is to study the sensor characteristics and design of signal conditioning circuits. The lab also helps to explore the usage and applications of transducers for measuring temperature, force, displacement, sound and light. Transducers are also used for real time measurement of volumetric capacity and Image Fusion. It helps to understand the circuit designing and debugging of analog control systems using sensors, amplification, filtering, controller circuits, power amplifiers, and actuators. The laboratory is well equipped with strain gauges, load cell trainer, linear displacement transducer, LVDT trainer, Thermistor trainer, and Thermocouple and RTD trainer.
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      Industrial Instrumentation Lab

      The purpose of this lab is to give exposure to sensors and its measurement. It is used to study how physical quantities are measured and how they are converted to electrical or other forms. It also imparts an adequate knowledge and provides hands-on experience to handle equipment in industries. Lab is equipped with Dead weight pressure gauge tester, Rotational and Redwood viscometers, Strain gauge, IC temperature sensor, RTD, Thermistor. Optical Pyrometer, Control valve etc.
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      Virtual Instrumentation Lab

      The aim of Virtual Instrumentation laboratory is to develop Modeling and Simulation of Virtual Real Time System oriented projects that could help students to get better and clear view about designing process of various industries. Virtual instrumentation is the use of customizable software and modular measurement hardware to create user-defined measurement systems, called virtual instruments. The lab has computers installed with Lab VIEW software. Lab VIEW is a graphical programming environment used by millions of engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems using intuitive graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart. The lab encourages students in various disciplines to carry out their projects. The lab consists of 18 systems.
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      Process Control Lab

      The objective of Process Control Laboratory is to design and implementation of controllers for different processes. Various automation and computer-aided processes are used for controlling the system safely and efficiently. The lab gives an overview about design and working of different equipment used in Process Control Industry. It is well established with Servo Motor Position Control System, Stepper Motor Speed Control System, Flow Process Station, and Level Process Station & Temperature Control Process Station. Also the lab consists of 10 systems.
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      Industrial Automation Lab

      In Computer Control of Process Laboratory students are given in depth training in industry using MATLAB. The lab has sophisticated equipment like Process Simulation system for Bottle filling using PLC, Computerized Liquid level system & Distributed Control System of high quality. This laboratory is to provide the computational facilities to the students and provides different prototype models based on MATLAB and Lab VIEW. MATLAB provides a platform for simulating various applications in continuous and discrete domain. Application oriented experiments based on control system are done using SIMULINK. Real time experiments are performed using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The lab consists of 18 systems.
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      Department Library

      The department library is a pot of resource with around 200 standard author text books and with copies of undergraduate project reports which are helpful for the students to have reference on what they learn and what they can work with.

      Contact Us

      You can feel free to clear your queries through mail or phone and can contact us using our contact given below.