24x7 Connected Classrooms


The internet , the most powerful tool in the 21st century acts as a hub for learning 24*7 ! Our institution stands out from the crowd because of all the creative ideas which has been imposed on learning. We achieve so much more , at unmatched scale with software and interactive learning. Smart classes are nothing but Smart Boards ,the evolution of interactive learning , that operates as part of a system that which enables effective and intellectual insight .

The smart board technology ensures accessible learning along with give-and-take intelligence. The lectures given are chronicled and sent via mail to students instantly to replenish the knowldge about that particular subject.

Google Classrooms


Students can crack the lecture round-the-clock through google classrooms. Google Classroom is a blended learning platform that intents to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. Google classroom is available as a mobile application , and thus can be accessed at one's own convenience.Education is not filling of the pail but the lightning of a fire! Our institution contributes enormous efforts in imparting wisdom among students.


To train the students to meet the expectations of the industry through our Career Development Programmes. To provide exposure to the students about the happenings with various Industries. To provide excellent placement support to our students by inviting eminent recruiters through our Campus Recruitment Program.


“The art of communication is the language of leadership”

Nothing connects students more than our highly regarded communication skill development programs. Our institution understands that Technical skills may help a person in getting a job, but soft skills can make or break him/her as a manager. “Snap talk” is one such program in which the students share thier views and ideas of thier interest per diem, thus by improving thier eloquence aswell as sharing something unique and new each day.

We encourage our students to come out of thier comfort zones, step boldly, speak in front of thier peers and knock out thier glossophobia, or the so called “fear of public speaking”. We embolden them to dig deep into contemporary topics and share thier ideas.

Our institiution is zealous on improving the students best skill and bringing out a debator, orator or critic in them. Through this, we provide them the opportunity to grow, learn, and expand thier professional repertoire


BEC courses will adavance students use more effective communication in the workplace and improve their ability to interact with people in a professional capacity and ensure that language learning is a fun experience.

Vibrant Campus

The campus provides space and facilities that will create greater dynamism and vibrancy and foster the sense of community. The SKCT campus is well planned with infrastructure like academic buildings, administration wing, central library, hostel and play grounds.

A great College requires not just great students but a vibrant community to support their development and to prepare them for academic, personal, and professional success. The College is committed to creating opportunities for students as they engage in a creative community of learning and socialize around their shared passion for the power of ideas.

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